Welcome to Timber + Salt.

Timber + Salt is a family project that merges our passions for creating, building and simple design.  We care about our environment and focus on salvaging nuisance trees* from the chipper that we then mill, dry and ultimately transform into beautiful, functional pieces of art for our own homes.  Over the years, we've renewed our own (often small) spaces with unique solutions and tons of handmade, wooden features. We don't think you need tons of space or money or even time to create a really beautiful, joyful, functional home! 

Who are we? Good question...

Fraser is a woodworker, timber frame enthusiast, sailor, skier and all around creator who does finish carpentry and builds furniture for people who can get a hold of him (spoiler: he rarely has his phone on him.)  He's the main man behind T+S.

Erin is a writer and gardener with a day job running a consulting firm she co-founded in 2017.  She mostly contributes to project design, website stuff and reality checks.  She and Fraser have been married since 2014 and have been raising this two boys in a 1200 square foot Cape that they've renovated entirely on their own.

Liam is a musician, writer, gardener, sculptor's apprentice who knows his way around a work shop and lends a hand with most projects these days. He's Erin's brother (and Fraser's brother-in-law.)


We're glad to have you here and hope our posts help you tackle a project you've been contemplating or provides some inspiration as you think about how to make your own spaces better suit your life.

The T+S Team


*nuisance trees are often described as trees with branches or roots that encroach on other structures, trees that have been damaged during weather events or trees that need to be removed for safety or other reasons from urban and inhabited spaces.